30 SideVu®

The first sub 2mm, disposable, 30 degree side-viewing, rotating scope on the market

A Needle with an Eye®

The full functionality of a traditional 30º scope at less than half the size.

Our small size enables minimal tissue disruption and faster patient recovery times.

Single-Handed Operation

At IntraVu, we focused on an ergonomic redesign of the 30 SideVu scope for optimum functionality. Now physicians can rotate the scope and view all aspects of a joint using just one hand, without needing to reposition the scope.

A Free Hand:

Minimizes the need for a surgical tech or assistant when using the IntraVu system in the surgery center or office setting.

Allows physicians to manipulate or reposition the patient, or prepare medication for injection, without ever losing live visuals.

Rotate the camera view without losing the orientation within the joint.

TabletVu Horizon Self-Leveling Technology enables doctors to see additional aspects within the joint by rotating the field of view instead of repositioning the device, just as with a traditional 30 degree scope.

Independently Rotating Shaft

Maintain a stable hand position while adjusting the camera view within the joint. It's now possible to use your thumb and index finger to grip and rotate the bevel and adjust the view. Giving physicians full control of the view without having to reposition the scope within the joint.

Independent Swiveling Flush Port

Full access to the flush portal regardless of the scope position. The cannula features a flush portal on a rotating luer lock that swivels independently of the cannula shaft. This provides physicians full access to the flush portal regardless of the position of the scope. The swiveling flush port also prevents interference from the patient’s body when accessing the flush portal while introducing fluid or connecting a syringe to the luer lock.

Accessories Kit

Sterile-Packed Disposable Scope with Accessory Kit.

The disposable 30SideVu scope comes with an enhanced set of accessories that includes a blunt trocar, a sharp trocar, two cannulas (thin wall with 2.2mm OD and a stiffer thick wall with 2.5mm OD), and two stopcocks. Each accessory in the kit grants additional flexibility to perform needle arthroscopies in the OR, procedure room, or in-office, with a sterile workspace and sterile gloves.

Two Stopcocks

Facilitate two portal procedures with the flexibility of using air or saline as the preferred medium.

Sharp Trocar

Penetrates skin and the joint capsule more easily, eliminating the need to make nick incisions with a scalpel during procedures.

Blunt Trocar

Allows a physician to reposition the cannula without the risk of damaging soft tissues.

Second Cannula

Can be used as a second working portal to probe and manipulate soft tissue with a blunt trocar or other instrumentation. This thicker cannula can be used as the primary viewing portal when a more rigid scope is needed to properly access  joints, like the hips, for instance.

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