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The MIDASVu system combines a high definition image with the smallest footprint of any arthroscopy system on the market.

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MIDASVu needle arthroscopy system by IntraVu on a white background. Includes the IntraVu Tablet called TabletVu, the IntraVu Scope and IntraVu Accessory kit
MIDASVu System
The MIDASVu system provides physicians with HD quality images and video of a patient’s pathology in real time. This single use, minimally-invasive system allows for easy and convenient use in the office, minor procedure room of a surgery center, or a hospital operating room.

Less Expensive

MRI and traditional endoscopy towers are a large capital expense for the office or ASC. And for patients, these can often be inconvenient and inconclusive.

More Satisfied Patients

Our real-time visualization allows for more accurate decision-making by the physician and can reduce the time from injury to treatment.

image illustrating a size comparison between previous generation needle arthroscopy devices and the IntraVu scopeimage illustrating a size comparison between previous generation needle arthroscopy devices and the IntraVu scope

A Needle with an Eye

IntraVu needle arthroscopy or Scope on a white background
IntraVu Scope
1.4mm diameter
16 Gauge Equivalent

The IntraVu Scope is the equivalent of an HD camera on the tip of a 16G needle. It measures just 1.4mm in diameter and offers the highest resolution at this size.

Focus on your patients
Automatic HD Optics

Our patented technology provides automatic lighting and contrast controls. This ensures the user always captures the best possible image. Physicians are able to focus on their patients without concerns about troubleshooting or adjusting settings to improve picture quality.

Single Hand Operation

In a sterile procedure, single hand use gives the physician complete control. In the office setting, the MIDASVu system does not require additional staff to operate the device.

ultimate portability
Touch-Screen Tablet

The MIDASVu system touch-screen tablet is optimized for function and user interaction. The small, portable tablet allows for easy storage and can be utilized in multiple exam or procedure rooms.

A physician can view live video on the tablet, as well as to an external accessory monitor.  Additionally, the user can store video and still pictures for viewing on other electronic devices.

IntraVu scope next to a red pencil tip. Illustrates a size comparison between the pencil tip and the small size of the micro arthroscopy or needle arthroscopy scopeIntraVu scope next to a red pencil tip. Illustrates a size comparison between the pencil tip and the small size of the micro arthroscopy or needle arthroscopy scope
IntraVu Scope diameter measures 1.4mm

A Needle Not a Knife

Minimal Tissue Disruption
MIDASVu minimal tissue disruption and less recovery time icon
Less Recovery Time

The IntraVu Scope measures just 1.4mm in diameter. This means minimal recovery time for patients. The MIDASVu system allows a physician to give a full diagnostic arthroscopic exam under local anesthetic.

Wide patient selection
MIDASVu System by IntraVu MRI Alternative icon
MRI Alternative

Implantable devices, anxiety, and clautrophobia are just a few of the reasons that prevent patients from being MRI candidates.

IntraVu save time icon
Save Time

MRI and ultrasound requires patients to be referred out which can take several weeks to schedule. Results are often inconclusive causing frustration for both patients and physicians.

IntraVu regenerative medicine icon

Regenerative Medicine

Visualize the delivery of regenerative injections and assure patients that the medicine was delivered precisely for maximum effectiveness. Our model often offsets the cost of regenerative therapies for patients.

Instant visualization
IntraVu instant visualization and same-day diagnosis icon
Quickly Identify the Pain Source

Clear views inside a joint or cavity enable doctors to pinpoint the source of their patient’s pain and deliver a same-day diagnosis.

MIDASVu System Medicare and Private Insurance CPT Codes icon
Covered by Medicare & Private Insurance

MIDASVu procedures are covered under existing CPT codes and reimbursable by both Medicare and Private Insurance making it a viable option for most patients.

Smallest Diameter and High Resolution Combination

Visualized PRP Delivery
Post-operative look (Trochlea)
Real time, dynamic examination of anterior internal impingement
second look, using the IntraVu scope, of a nanofracture that was missed in MRI
Second Look
Nanofracture missed in MRI
Dr. Steven Struhl and the Patient Experience

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